Invisalign For Adults

Why Invisalign Is Great For Adults?

Many adults do not get orthodontic treatment because they believe braces are only for teens. Some adults might have had braces during their teens but didn’t wear their retainers resulting in shifted teeth. No matter the possibility, adults no longer have to worry about wearing braces as a grown-up. Instead, they can straighten their teeth using a virtually invisible alternative – Invisalign. Learn about the different reasons why Invisalign is great for adults.

1. Invisalign Treatment is Discreet

One of the prime reasons why Invisalign is ideal for adults is because it’s discreet. Most adults neglect orthodontic treatments because they worry that metal braces are too evident. With Invisalign for adults, patients wear clear plastic aligners that are barely noticeable as they are virtually invisible. Adults can go about their lives as usual without feeling they’re drawing extra attention to their teeth during their orthodontic treatment. Most people don’t even notice when someone is wearing Invisalign aligners in Frisco, even when standing in front of him.

2. Convenience With Invisalign Aligners Offer 

Since Invisalign aligners are removable, the treatment is completely convenient. During the treatment, patients don’t have to give up any of their favorite foods. Instead, all they have to do is pop their aligners out and eat whenever & whatever they want. In addition, brushing, flossing, and cleaning are just as easy as before dental treatment. Even when you go out you can remove your aligners for some time to attend any event or social gathering & put them back afterward.

3. Fewer Changes In Diet

With traditional braces, you have restrictions on what you eat & drink. For instance, you should avoid foods that are especially chewy, crispy, and hard, like biting into an apple. But, with Invisalign, there are no fewer food restrictions since you remove your aligners to eat & drink. So, there is no food restriction because there are no wires & brackets involved that might break when biting down on a hard object. However, you must always brush your teeth before replacing your aligners. So it’s best to avoid food that is hard to remove even with brushing.

4. No Frequent Dental Office Visits

During an orthodontic treatment like traditional braces, it’s normal to visit your orthodontist in Frisco frequently. However, Invisalign doesn’t require many dental appointments & even orthodontic emergencies like broken wires. It is because Invisalign for adults is designed in a way that promotes comfort, which means there is less need for non-routine dental visits. As a bonus, checkup appointments go by swiftly since we the orthodontist only have to monitor your progress. If you’re an adult with a busy schedule, you will enjoy how little time you will have to spend at dental appointments with Invisalign aligner treatment.

5. Less Irritation

Clear aligners are slick and comfortable. Many patients encounter mouth discomfort and irritation with metal braces, especially after they get tightened after every two weeks. Fortunately, some of the irritation caused by metal braces can be reduced with orthodontic wax applied on the edges of wires so that it does not scratch the inner mouth.

Affordable Invisalign For Adults In Frisco

When you have the chance, why not get your teeth straightened even in adulthood? At Heritage Family Dentistry, we offer Invisalign for adults for you to have a beautiful smile. Contact us today & consult with our most experienced orthodontist in Frisco.