Factors That Affect Teeth Whitening

Usually, ‘white teeth’ are often regarded as the most valuable benefits of regularly brushing your teeth. Some people with yellow teeth won’t see progress, even when they brush twice daily. Maintaining white teeth practices requires following an oral care routine. So let us tell you why some people won’t ever be capable of brushing away the yellow stain from their teeth.

External & Internal Stains

The most common cause of tooth discoloration is external staining due to drinking coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and other tobacco use. Coffee, tea, and wine are all rich in chromogens, which cling to our teeth and generate visible stains. Nicotine from tea or tobacco combined with oxygen produces a yellow result that accumulates into tooth enamel, making it look yellow over time. You cannot withdraw these external stains only by brushing. They are one of the most common reasons for tooth discoloration.

On the other hand, if you’ve suffered trauma or injury to your teeth, you might be left with an internal stain that can’t be revamped or removed by brushing. Internal stains result in discoloration making teeth yellow generated by a drink or nicotine on your teeth. These stains are induced by bruising in the tooth and can result in a dark or grey tooth.

Habits & Brushing

If your brushing habits are not up to the mark, this can cause any stains or make yellow teeth worse. Brushing twice a day is crucial, & at the same time, you have to make sure that you’re cleaning all your teeth to avoid any future dental problems. Dental floss will also ensure that you reach all the teeth that may go unattended while brushing and be at more significant risk. Brushing your teeth too brutally means you risk wearing down your tooth enamel also, you may have bleeding gums. Soft toothbrushes are always suggested rather than medium or hard.

Ageing, Genetics, & Health

It is also the case that your tooth enamel will gradually wear away as you age. It can worsen because, based on our genetics, some of us are born with an incredibly thick enamel layer. Some inherently have a skinny layer. Your overall health is also an aspect of determining the color of your teeth. In particular, nutritional deficits and cancer treatments can make your teeth yellow despite your brushing and oral care. And you may get yellow teeth, even if you have maintained a healthy dental routine daily.

Teeth Whitening In Frisco, TX

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