What Are The Common Oral Issues That Invisalign Can Correct

5 Common Oral Issues That Invisalign Can Correct

If you think braces are the only way to fix your orthodontic issues, think again. Invisalign clear aligners are an alternative therapy for many bite issues, giving you a beautiful, straight smile you feel confident to flaunt.

Invisalign clear aligners are virtually undetectable, even from up close. They’re also comfortable and customized to your teeth. Because you take them out to eat and drink, when you wear Invisalign aligners, you do not need to make any dietary changes.

An ideal way to correct a bad bite and boost your confidence is by getting Invisalign in Frisco. Wearing these orthodontic appliances will slowly move your teeth to the correct position and improve your smile.

  1. Overbite

An overbite or buck tooth is when the top front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. A slight overbite is okay and normal, but a significant overbite can lead to other dental problems like jaw pain and teeth grinding. Also, a severe overbite can lead to early gum disease and tooth decay, which may lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Fortunately, this is easily repairable with Invisalign. With a more comfortable bite, you can munch easier, speak clearly, and enjoy all the selfies you want to take. 

  1. Gap Teeth

Gaps in your teeth can occur anywhere, but it is most common in the front two teeth. A gap between the two teeth can lead to other dental health issues. Because that gap lets the extra food, sugar, and bacteria settle down & form gum disease or inflammation, which are common concerns with gap teeth. By correcting that gap and bringing your teeth together with Invisalign, you eliminate those undesirable pockets and protect your gums from infection and tooth decay. 

  1. Underbite

People living with an underbite have the same issue as those with an overbite. But in this case, the lower teeth protrude over the upper teeth, causing discomfort and difficulty talking and eating. However, similar to an overbite, a severe underbite can cause early tooth decay and wear down the surfaces of your teeth quicker than expected. In most cases, Invisalign can help fix an underbite issue, but more severe cases may demand oral surgery and restorative care. 

  1. Crossbite

When you have a crossbite, it signifies your lower and upper jaws do not line up with one another. In some circumstances, the upper teeth can sit inside the lower teeth. If left untreated, a crossbite can force your teeth to wear down quickly and cause considerable gum and tissue damage. This damage can lead to pain and discomfort, making it necessary to correct this dental issue using Invisalign.

  1. Crowded Teeth

Sometimes, there’s just not sufficient room in your mouth for all your adult teeth. When this occurs, overcrowding appears and can make teeth group together. Some will twist, some will protrude forward, and some will coincide. As you might guess, crowded teeth can produce many dental issues like jaw pain, problem chewing, and even cavities. An overcrowded mouth makes it especially difficult to brush away bacteria and plaque. But correcting your smile with Invisalign in Frisco will help make brushing and flossing more easier.  

Get Custom-Made Invisalign in Frisco

Getting Invisalign aligners is a useful way to fix every bite problem and build your confidence. At Heritage Family Dentistry, our Frisco orthodontist offer quality dental care services to help you achieve a long-lasting straight beautiful smile.

Our dental experts use the latest iTero scanner, which creates 3D images to capture images of your teeth pattern and provide the aligner that fits properly. If you want to know more about the cutting-edge technology we use at our dental office in Frisco. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.