Dental Implants

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dental Implant!

Many people find the gap in their smile lowers their self-esteem, regardless of whether they lost a tooth due to physical damage or infection. A person’s capability to eat or speak gets affected by tooth loss. Earlier, dental bridges and removable dentures were the only options for dealing with this matter. Today’s advances in dentistry have resulted in a more natural-looking and long-lasting alternative to removable restorations.

A dental implant can be used to replace a single tooth or a full arch of teeth. If you choose dental implants from your dentist in Frisco, you make an incredible choice for people wishing to enhance their lost smiles & facial structure. Dental implants in Frisco can help you live a better life in all circumstances.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dental Implant

1. Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss:

Due to the lack of stimulation, toothless regions in the jawbone can promote bone damage. Likewise, if the space left by the tooth extraction does not get filled within a year, the bone area starts losing its volume and will slowly deteriorate over time. So this is where a dental implant comes into the picture to help restore stimulation and prevent jawbone loss.

2. Improves The Quality of Life:

Because you are self-conscious about how your smile looks, you may find yourself stressing about maintaining your mouth clean after every meal out in public or avoiding certain social situations. Even if you only have one tooth missing, it can greatly affect your quality of life. You will be able to live a better life with an implant provided by our dental implant specialist in Frisco & you will have one less thing to stress about.

3. Protect The Rest of Your Teeth:

Traditional bridgework needs support from the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth for the temporary restoration to work. It puts more strain on the teeth next to it, making them more prone to infection or tooth decay. While dental implants stand-alone without needing any additional support & do not affect the surrounding teeth and reduce strain on them.

4. Improve Facial & Bone Structure:

By avoiding the necessity of grinding the adjacent teeth for traditional bridgework, dental implants sustain tooth tissue. They will also help protect bone by lowering bone resorption and degeneration that is responsible for jawbone loss. 

5. The Best Tooth Replacement Option:

Dental implants may cost you more than other restorative options, but implants are an effective long-term replacement choice for missing teeth. Where dentures and other dental prosthetics need replacement after some time, dental implants do not need replacing. Once installed, they will keep their initial state with proper oral hygiene. If you consider the cost of dental implant surgery compared to the maintenance and aesthetics costs of dental bridges, crowns, and dentures, dental implants are of great value!

Affordable Dental Implants In Frisco

If you are tired of your smile and want to increase your self-confidence, contact us. To know if you are an ideal candidate for implants come & visit our dental implant specialist in Frisco today!