How to Make the Most of Your Dental Plan

Many people who already have a dental insurance plan have not been well informed of how it can work for you. This can lead to paying more out of pocket than is needed for treatment or choosing to delay needed routine visits or treatment, unaware that it may actually be covered. If you want to learn how to make the most of your dental plan, here are some ways you can.

Read Up on Your Plan and Ask Questions

Understanding how your insurance works and what is covered can sometimes feel overwhelming or confusing. Reading through the documents on your plan is the first step to begin, but if you don’t understand something then don’t hesitate to ask! Call your insurance company and ask any questions you might have about your coverage for routine visits and specific treatments. They will be able to answer questions about your plan that your dentist may not know.

Stay in Network

Insurance plans often limit their coverage to determined areas or providers. There is more coverage for treatment at in network providers and some insurance companies don’t cover treatment at out of network providers at all. One way to make the most of your plan is to check with your insurance company to see if your dentist is in your insurance plan’s network. It’s also a good idea to check annually at the beginning of each coverage term as insurance plans can change with each new enrollment period.

Talk to Your Dental Office

Another good place to start to make the most of your dental plan is to talk to your dentist or the front desk at your dental office. Let them know which plan you have and they may have prior experience with other patients who also have the same plan and may be able to give you tips on what questions to ask your insurance company. Ask them what options are available for routine care and treatment then check back with your insurance company to find out the coverages and limitations of your specific plan.

Stay on Schedule

When things get busy with travel plans in the summer, back to school in the fall, the holidays, or the beginning of a new year, it can be tempting to wait an extra few months to take care of a problem or see your dentist for your regular exam and cleaning. Seeking prompt care for a concern and sticking with a schedule of regular visits when your dentist recommends that you come in is wise, though, and another great way if you’re looking for how to make the most of your dental plan.

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