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At Heritage Family Dentistry, we take pride in using the best techniques and equipment to provide you with the premium quality dental care you deserve.


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Our staff and dentists do everything possible to provide the best services to our patients and ensure comfortable procedures

Once you walk in through our dental office, you will be welcomed warmly by our staff. You can get any type of help you require in booking an appointment, filling out your forms, and also discussing your payment methods at the front desk. Once you step into our office, you become a part of our family. At Heritage Family Dentistry, you will find the best dentists in Frisco, TX who will take care of all your needs and answer all your queries.

Our dental assistants are always available to answer any questions patients may have about their treatment, both before and after it is completed. They will keep checking on you from time to time to ensure that your dental care experience is hassle-free and to minimize any issues of discomfort. We feel that a lack of communication with patients could lead to dental anxiety. Our dentists are the best in Frisco and they will surely ensure that you walk out of our office with the most comforting dental experience. You will surely feel at home at Heritage Family Dentistry.

Our dental assistants have undergone extensive training in all aspects of general dentistry. They acknowledge that patients may be nervous or worried, and they do all that is possible to help you feel at ease. Our team members take up regular education courses to keep up with changing standards and provide you with the finest service possible. So if you are looking for the best dental care services in Frisco, TX then book your appointment with Heritage Family Dentistry today!

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Heritage Family Dentistry is located at 4685 Eldorado Pkwy #200, Frisco, TX 75033. You can also call us at 469.445.2687 for further information. Our dental care professionals are always available to help you and take care of your family’s dental care needs.